Monday, November 24, 2008

Our Crazy Weekend

Friday night was the elders quorum party. I was super stressed out about the whole thing because Tyler told me that the entire dinner and everything to make gingerbread houses was being provided. Well, since Tyler works all day, who do you think had to make the dinner and get everything ready for the gingerbread houses? I did! Well, it didn't end up being that big of a deal. For dinner we just had ham, green beans, salad and rolls (that was the easiest thing I could think of), and then I ended up just buying a bunch of gingerbread house kits (because it was much easier and almost the same price). Then all I had to do was mix the frosting while everyone was eating. I think everything turned out pretty good. A few people told Tyler that they had a really good time. SUCCESS!!
Saturday was the BYU vs. Utah game. We went to watch it at the Wacaser's house. Tyler had on all his Utah stuff, and Bradlee and I had on our BYU gear. Bradlee and I were the only BYU fans there, but we can hold our own. No matter who wins, I come out on top. If BYU wins, I win. If Utah wins, then Tyler is in a good mood for the next month and a half. Some "people" say they are going to send Bradlee a Utah shirt, well, at the end of the day I am still the mom, and I am the one who dresses her!
* * *
Sunday, Tyler and I both had to teach lessons, but most importantly....the nursery kids sang in sacrament meeting! Oh my goodness, it was so cute! They sang "A Song of Thanks" out of the Children's Songbook. Bradlee didn't sing (she was too busy looking at us), but she was very well behaved, and she looked adorable up there.
Yes, this is the best picture I could get of her!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

One of Those Moments

Today as I was laying on my bed watching a movie with Bradlee, I had one of those moments of realization. One of those moments when something you have always known in the back of your mind actually becomes an integral part of your conscious understanding. I really don't know how else to explain it, but everyone has these, so I know you know what I am talking about. Anyways, we were just laying there and as I looked at her, it just hit me in an instant that she is mine, that we are SO much alike, and that we will ALWAYS have that special relationship that only a parent and child can have. The type of bond where everything that hurts her will hurt me twice as bad, and her safety and happiness is essential to my own. Just as these thoughts were materializing all at once, Bradlee looked over at me, crinkled up her nose and laughed. Then just as quickly she was back to watching her movie. It was a testimony builder for me that Heavenly Father knows exactly what we need, exactly when we need it.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Brock Update

He is sitting up! I just set him on the floor today and kinda let go, and it turns out he can sit up on his own...kinda. Who knew? He is getting so big!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

For Kicks and Giggles...

So, yesterday Jamie and Amy came over to visit us for a little while. Well, just as Jamie was getting up to leave, Thaiya full on karate kicked him right smack dab in the crotch, and dropped him to his knees right there in the living room. Oh my goodness, it was one of the funniest things I have seen in quite a while! I laugh everytime I think about it. Classic!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I've Been Tagged...Again


I've received this same tag a couple of times now, so I figure it is about time I get around to doing it. I never did it the first time because I am not all that exciting, and well, nothing has changed!

8 Favorite TV Shows:
1. The Office
2. The King of Queens
3. Americas Best Dance Crew
4. What I Like About You
5. George Lopez
6. That 70's Show
7. Home Improvement
8. Just Shoot Me

8 Favorite Movies:
1. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
2. Tommy Boy
3. Karate Kid I, II, III
4. Rocky Balboa (that's the one that just came out a couple years ago, in case you were wondering)
5. Step Up 2 (Don't Laugh!)
6. Singin' in the Rain
7. Hello Dolly

8 Quirks about you
1. I never ever ever check our voice mail.
2. I hate the phone, which is probably why I never check the voice mail.
3. When in a confrontation, I have been told that I cut right to the nasty. There is no middle ground, I say the meanest thing I can possibly think of right from the get go.
4. I have been called "a real fireball" probably a dozen times (usually at church).
5. When I get overwhelmed I just walk around the house all day accomplishing nothing. That really helps the cause.
6. I wear jeans and a white t-shirt six days out of the week.
7. Unfortunately, no one would notice if I never wore a bra. I can say that because anyone who reads this is either a girl or related to me (and he is pretty much a girl anyway, he said so himself).
8. I trip and fall down probably once a month.

8 Things I Did Yesterday:
1. Watched a few episodes from the fourth season of The Office. We got it for Tyler's birthday.
2. Did laundry.
3. Vacuumed.
4. Transcribed a discharge summary.
5. Blogged (Surprise! Surprise!)
6. Window shopped online.
7. Colored with Bradlee.
8. I don't know, I probably made fun of Tyler at some point.

8 Things I Look Forward To:
1. Thanksgiving.
2. Christmas.
3. I can't wait for Tyler to only have one job.
4. Having grass and automated sprinklers.
5. Little Buddy sitting up.
6. Bradlee speaking in complete sentences.
7. Watching my kids grow up together. I never had a sibling close to my age, so I am excited to watch how that plays out.
8. Finishing my school work.

8 Favorite Places to Eat Out
1. Red Lobster
2. Texas Roadhouse
3. Cafe Rio
4. Olive Garden
5. Mongolian Grill
6. McGraths
7. Market Street Grill
8. Any place I can have good pizza

8 Things on my wish list
1. Tyler only having one job.
2. Grass and sprinklers.
3. I would love for Tyler to have all the guns and cars he wants, so I can stop hearing about them. Then I'll just have to look at them... a lot.
4. A new wardrobe.
5. Um...I guess a new laptop for my school work.
6. I wish for all our baby hospital bills to disappear.
7. I wish my floors never had crumbs on them.
8. I wish my whole family lived in our cul de sac.

WOW! That was tough. Eight is a lot.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Birthday Weekend

This weekend Tyler's parents came up to surprise him for his birthday. He had no idea they were coming. It was the best kept secret ever. We had lots of fun...well, most of the time. Unfortunately, while they were here they both caught what our family had the week before (it turns out our family wasn't completely over it either). It was so sad. However, we were still able to do lots of fun stuff (when proximity to a bathroom was not an issue). We went out to eat at Texas Roadhouse on Saturday night for Tyler's birthday dinner, watched lots of movies, played outside with Bradleee and even did a craft project. Sorry, pictures are limited due to no one really feeling like taking any, and in the few that we did take my kids just look trashed. I think these two are the best ones!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Happy 27th Birthday!

It has been said that I can be very independent and strong willed (who knew?), and Tyler is always telling me that I would be just fine without him. So, as a birthday tribute I thought I would name the top ten reasons why I wouldn't be able to survive without him.

10. When putting furniture together, and when something inevitably is not working the way it is supposed to, I never even have to get concerned because I know I can just get up and walk away and somehow Tyler will fix it.
9. He has mad dance skills. I particularly enjoy his running man and a new jewel of a move that we refer to as "the prance".
8. Every girl needs someone to tell her she's beautiful and thin.
7. He sincerely cares about and considers the things I have to say. Anytime I come to him with a concern he always makes a diligent effort to fix it.
6. He is compassionate. That is a necessity because someone in this house needs to have some compassion, and we all know it isn't me!
5. He is an excellent musician. His forte is the drums, but he is WAY above average at playing the guitar and singing as well. Oh yeah, and he can play the piano and the bass also, and probably any instrument that he felt like playing.
4. He gets the hair out of the shower drain for me because he knows I will gag if I ever see it!
3. He's the only reason we have friends. He sincerely likes EVERYONE! He can find something in common with anybody.
2. He is ALWAYS the one to initiate FHE. Even when he has to work Monday nights (which is usually the case), he always asks me to please have family home evening with the kids. He is always willing to give us blessings if we need it, and he always makes sure to pray with the kids before they go to bed.
1. He is always worried about us. Are the doors locked? Did you lock all the windows? Do you have lots of lights on in the house? Honestly, the poor guy probably has an ulcer, but at least we know he must love us a lot.
He is also super funny and attractive! Happy Birthday, Babe. We love you! Way to be THREE years older than me! (I know, it's two and a half!)

Friday, November 7, 2008

The Sweetest Thing...

This week our family has been SUPER sick. It started with Bradlee throwing up on Monday night, and by Wednesday the rest of us all had the same thing. So, on Wednesday I am laying on the floor in the bathroom, and Bradlee, who is better by this time, comes to sit by me and just starts rubbing my back. I had done the same thing for her all day Tuesday, and apparently, she picked up on it. Anyways, it was very sweet. I need to keep track of things like this, so during her more "challenging" moments, I can remember that she really is a sweetheart.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Just Because

I don't have much to say about these pictures, except I think they are cute.

More Halloween

Halloween night we took the kids to the trunk-or-treat in the church parking lot. The weather was amazing. It was the perfect night for the kids. We met up with the Bangerters at the the church and headed over to their house once it was over for pizza and hanging out. The Cuppys were also kind enough to grace us with their presence.

The Bangerters made these awesome Halloween tie-dyed shirts for our kids. I think they are so cute. Of course, I had to take a picture! Can you tell the kids are ridiculously tired?!

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