Monday, August 20, 2012

Happy Birthday, Bradlee!

Bradlee turned six years old today!  I can hardly even believe it.  We only celebrated a little today because Tyler had to work, and we are having her actual party of Friday. 

She is quite a character!  She still loves Barbies, dance, running, jumping and tumbling.  Most recently she has told me that she wants to be an Olympic gymnast.  Unfortunately, I fear she will be much too tall for that. 

She also loves swimming, brushing her hair and getting her nails done.

She absolutely adores her grandmas!!!!  Most days I think she would prefer to live with either of them than Tyler and I.  However, when I dropped her off for a sleepover the other day she did say, "Be careful, Mom, and don't die.  I don't want to have to live with Grandma forever!"  It was funny, cute and it made me feel pretty good, too.

She understands and grasps more things than I give her credit for.  The other day one of the gates dropped on our car as we were coming out of a parking garage, and the first thing she says is, "Dad, do we have car insurance?".  She also has some interesting insights into the scriptures and things of a spiritual nature.  She often references Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost.  For instance, I was talking to Brock the other day about wind and how it can't be seen, only felt, and  Bradlee says, "Right!  Just like the Holy Ghost."

She is creative and can play alone for hours.  Some days she will actually tell me to take Brock and go somewhere else because she just wants to be by herself for a while.

Bradlee takes after me in a lot of ways.  She plays with her hair CONSTANTLY.  She isn't super lovey, clingy or emotional. 

She doesn't offer up a lot of information about her day or what she is feeling, but I am slowly learning how to get her to open up to me.  It takes a lot of patience, if you push it too hard or come at her too directly she will shut down completely.  It definitely has to be on her terms.  I guess "on her terms" pretty much sums her up.  She is happy, funny, charming and helpful.....ON HER TERMS.  If I try and force anything, well, then we all lose.

Tyler, Brock and I love her to death!  She is very talented, smart, and scary pretty! 

Happy Birthday, Boogie!!!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Startalk Camp

Bradlee's Chinese Immersion program kicked off this week with Startalk camp.  All first grade kids enrolled in the Chinese program were able to get their feet wet before school actually starts on August 27th.  The camp lasted Monday - Friday 8:00 am to 2:00 pm.  Bradlee found the camp to be pretty exhausting!  Some days when I picked her up she would be crying before we even made it to the car.  Supposedly, says the principal, it is not uncommon for kids to find the whole thing extremely overwhelming for the first month or so.  Today all parents had the opportunity to come see what our kids have already learned in such a short amount of time.  I was very impressed!

"I love my brother."

Singing in Chinese

Some kind of Chinese dance, it has a name, but I didn't catch it.

Besides what you see here, the kids also learned to count to 10 and write the characters, some body parts (head, shoulders, knees, toes) and the days of the week.

P.S. It isn't Bradlee's fault that she physically cannot stop playing with her hair.  It is hereditary.  I can guarantee she has no idea she is even doing it.  Next time she has something like this I will have to remember to pull it all back.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

January - July 2012

Needless to say, I am pretty far behind on my blogging with no real chance of catching up.  I made it a goal to at least get the major events covered before the new baby comes, so this is me doing the bare minimum at best. 

Well, 2012 came in like a lion, and I am hoping like crazy it goes out like a lamb! 

First things first...
December 30, 2011 - We were extremely surprised to find out baby #3 would be joining our family.  I know I said we were never having anymore babies because I know my limits as a mother, and all of that is still true.  However, the Lord has other plans for our family.  I think everyone is a little nervous about how I will handle three children (I, for one, am terrified!).  Even though we didn't have this in the plans, I think we knew it was inevitable at some point, and this baby will be just as loved as the others, and that is saying something!  It'll be a wild ride for sure. 

January 2nd - We found out Tyler would no longer have a job as of the end of the month.  That day was devastating especially considering the previous news. 

January 8th - I was called as primary pianist, which is laughable at best! For those of you thinking, "I didn't know Tory played the piano"...Well, I don't!  Everyone is really nice about my skill level, or lack thereof, and I guess we get by just fine.  I have already had to play in sacrament meeting a couple of times, and no one has died.  I consider that a success and nothing short of a small miracle.

January 14th - JoJo got married!!!! All of my siblings were able to make it for the big day.  They were sealed in the Mt. Timpanogos temple, and Jo looked beyond beautiful!

January 16th - We moved into our own place. Interesting timing considering Tyler would be out of a job in just a couple weeks, but we still felt like it was the right thing to do. Same ward, same school district.
February and March
Tyler continued to look for a job.  I continued to get fatter. 

The Easter Bunny came, of course!!!
 Also, the day before Easter we were able to go through the temple with my eldest nephew.  Elder Bricco entered the MTC on May 16th and is currently serving in the Daejeon, South Korea mission.  The whole family is so proud of him and grateful for his service.

April 16th - It's a BOY!!!

April 20th - Tyler began working at Little America. Tyler received two job offers on the same day.  The first paid more money, but would have required us to move and wouldn't have allowed Tyler to finish his degree.  As we attended the temple, we felt his education was the most important thing at this time, so he chose the second offer at Little America in hopes of a speedy promotion.  This position will also fulfil his internship requirement.

May 22nd - Brock's 4th birthday!  We kept it low key with just family.  We took him to Chuck E. Cheese.  Brock refers to it as "Chunker Cheeses", which I think is more than suitable.  He had an Iron Man Cake, and I think he had a great time playing games and opening presents.

May 24th - Bradlee's Kindergarten graduation program.  The kids sang songs, received awards and said what they learned in Kindergarten.  Bradlee received the "Sweet Tart" award for being so sweet and lovable!  Mrs. Mills also talked about how smart she is and what a good listener she has turned out to be. As a side note, I played the piano for the was terrifying, but Bradlee really wanted me to do it, so I pulled through for her.
June 1st - Bradlee's official last day of kindergarten.

June 15th - I turned 28! Aunt Jeanne passed away.

June 19th - Bradlee's dance recital!  She had routines for tumbling, ballet, jazz, and of course the daddy-daughter dance!  She has improved so much even from just six months ago!  Most importantly, she LOVES it!  I can't wait to see how next year goes.

Also, at the end of June Thaiya came to visit Grandma Bricco.  I think she stayed for a little over a week.  Bradlee and Brock had a blast playing with her!

Jamie and Amy came to pick up Thaiya and spent the 4th of July with us!  So good to see them! 

July 12th - I think this is the day Tyler was promoted to Guest Services Manager.  Such a huge blessing! 

*  *  *
I like to keep my feelings pretty private for the most part, but for my kids reading this sometime in the future, they should know that the Lord has a plan for us!  I spent so much of the beginning of the year feeling angry and scared, but it is amazing to see the miracles that have been worked in our lives.  I am amazed at how perfectly Heavenly Father knows us and our needs. So grateful for his timing and that he is in charge and not me!  My kids should also know how amazing their dad is!  He works so hard for them and loves them so much!  He is an amazing priesthood holder, and even though him being unemployed those few months was super hard and ridiculously stressful, I sure do miss having him with me all day!

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