Monday, January 31, 2011

Random Pictures

Brock no longer lets me feed him. I put it off letting him feed himself for about a year too long just because I hate messes. Turns out he got good at it pretty fast (not that you can tell by looking at these pictures).
Yogurt is yummy!
Wish she would cuddle like this more often...
This picture is so sweet, I could just eat it right up! That's not weird, I promise.

Just something about your husband cuddling and reading princess stories that melts your heart.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Years Resolutions

(I usually try not to type very much, so this is me apologizing for this post in advance.)

For 2010 I had two New Year's Resolutions. I had resolved to run my first half marathon and to learn to play twenty hymns on the piano. I feel really good about my accomplishments this year. I ended up running a half marathon in April, a 10K in July, another half marathon in early September, and a 5k on Thanksgiving. I really grew to love running and the peace of mind it gives me, and just being fit in general. I talk about it a lot because it is really the only hobby that I have and really enjoy. I would apologize to everyone who has to listen to me, but I am not really that sorry :)

While I don't know the exact number of hymns I can now play on the piano, I do know that I couldn't play any before, and I put a valiant effort into practicing. However, even more than that, I am proud to say that I actually sang and accompanied myself on the piano for a musical number at the care center in our stake. It was a perfect audience for my first time, and I am happy to report that it was not a total train wreck. I actually made it through the entire number, not perfectly by any means, but I did it!

My New Year's Resolutions for 2011 are a little more involved. I have resolved to run a full marathon and learn to play at least one song on the bass guitar. Last year I didn't make any spiritual goals that were easily measured, and I am changing that this year. I have resolved to pray ever morning. I have always been able to make time for my night time prayers, but mornings are a little more hectic. I need to remember to say my morning prayers EVERY DAY! I also will read "Jesus the Christ"and read the Sunday school lesson and scriptures before Sunday each week. I think these are goals that can be tracked easily and will make an impact on my spirituality in ways that can't be measured.

I would say wish me luck, but I guess no luck is needed. I have committed to do these things, so I will! Happy New Year!

Christmas 2010

Christmas Eve
We kicked off Christmas Eve by watching "The Nativity" with the kids. Tyler and I have decided to make that a tradition in our family. We always watch that movie before we open any presents to help us remember to true meaning of Christmas. After that we opened presents with Grandma and Papa Bricco. The kids also got to open their traditional Christmas jammies.

Here are the tents they got from Grandma and Papa Bricco. The kids really liked them a lot!
After that we headed over to the McLachlans to have breakfast for dinner and wait for Collin to get home! He proposed to Natalie, and she said yes!!! We were all super excited for them to get back! Then we played some games together as a family.
Christmas Day
Tyler and I were really excited for Christmas morning this year because our kids are finally starting to understand and get excited about Santa. Brock had asked for a rocket ship and Bradlee had asked for the Fashion Fairytale Barbie, a pink curling iron and a white dress. They were so excited that Santa actually brought them what they wanted.

I found Bradlee on Christmas morning sitting in front of her presents from Santa in just her underwear and looking kinda sad. Turns out she thought Santa would still be there, and was upset that he had "disappeared". After we showed her her stocking, she started to get over it!
After that, we had her put some clothes on, and then the real present opening began.

After we opened presents from Santa, we headed back over to the McLachlans for more present opening!!!
The McLachlan girls...we meant to take another picture later once Natalie got there, but surprise...that never happened.
Bradlee is a very efficient present opener.
For the record, Brock is the worst present opener ever!!! He seriously cannot focus long enough to even get one present open. He is SO SLOW, and then he has no desire to move on to any more presents.
Here is Tyler opening Brock's presents.

Here is Lisa looking all pretty and stuff!
Tyler showing off his new beanie.
Megan was SUPER excited about some new maternity clothes!!!
Collin loves movies.
Bryan was really excited about the new coat Wendy got him. He wasn't expecting that at all!
Collin also got a new coat...and a fiance!
We mostly just relaxed the rest of Christmas day. We watched some movies, ate some snacks and played Twister. All I have to say is I dominated at Twister. Tyler finally pushed me down because I am so amazing!
I think everyone had a good Christmas! I love the whole Christmas season and the way it brings families together. I love the extra emphasis the whole community puts in to being more Christlike and charitable.

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