Saturday, September 4, 2010

Salt Lake Half Marathon

Ran my second half marathon today. It went pretty well all things considered. The first four miles were completely uphill, and I lost a lot of time. By the time those four miles were done, I felt like I had already run ten. Plus, I had to run extra hard to make up time. After about 8.5 miles, I completely hit a wall. I was completely spent, and felt like the course had completely defeated me. I decided to slow it way down and just try to regroup. I was able to run the entire way, and my time was 1:58:20. That is almost exactly a 9:00 min/mile pace. I was hoping to be a little faster, but hey, I ran this half marathon 34 minutes faster than my last (shaved about 2.5 minutes off every mile).
Special thanks to my friend Lindsey who ran the race with me! She's a rockstar!

P.S. Don't knock the compression sleeves...they are very effective!

Also, nevermind the huge bags under my eyes. It was a rough morning.

Friday, September 3, 2010

San Diego

Last weekend my mom and I accompanied Keiler on his drive back to San Diego. We stayed through the weekend to visit with Rowdy and Diane and did lots of fun stuff.

Here's Mom, Keiler and Brock eating lunch on the drive down.
The kids' favorite part of the trip was definitely THE BEACH!!! They loved the water, sand, putting sand in the water and putting water in the sand. How is he not the most handsome little fellow ever?!
Miss Beautiful Bradlee striking a pose. She would just run out in the water and let the waves crash around her legs. This was their first trip to the ocean, so I was glad they had such a good time. For the rest of the trip, Bradlee kept saying, "Don't worry, we will go to the beach again later."
Our best shot at a family photo. Tyler wasn't able to come with us. He had to stay home and work :(
Rowdy and I did some boogie boarding. I just love being out in the ocean. Maybe next time I will let him teach me how to surf!

Brother and Sister...Aww!!!
Keiler was a good sport and played with the kids in the sand.
Rowdy took the kids for LOTS of rides on Diane's scooter. Let's just say they LOVED it, and it kept them from screaming NON-STOP in their house the ENTIRE time we were there.
We we to Fiesta Island to watch the fireworks from Sea World. Rowdy built a fire, and as you can see, everyone clearly enjoyed themselves...
...except Bradlee. She HATES fireworks. She told us the whole time that she didn't want to see any fireworks, but we forced them on her anyway. Too bad we don't have a picture of her scrambling through the back window of Rowdy's truck to get away from them.

This picture was taken with the candlelight setting.
Here is Keiler completing one our family's famous park challenges.
Oh my goodness....these next two pictures are just the cutest things ever. I am definitely going to have to frame them. This kid might scream a lot, but he is SO sweet!
I can hear her laugh perfectly when I look at this picture. That's some good photography skills right there. Thanks, Rowdy!
He is pretty photogenic as well.
Exactly how it looks...that's how it is...
You're never too old for a good old fashion ride down the slide.
We also went to the mall and shopped with Diane, we went out to eat and Rowdy took me on a fabulous tour of all the great and not-so-great parts of San Diego. Maybe one day, when my kids are older, Rowdy and Diane will allow us back in their home!

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