Monday, December 21, 2009

The Kids

So, if you read Jamie and Amy's blog you probably have seen a photo similar to this one of Jetrin. I laughed out loud when I saw their picture and thought to myself, "that is really funny, but I am sure glad Brock would never do that!" Famous last words, I guess, because today he did just that!
In Bradlee news...
I had bought Bradlee's Christmas dress a few months ago, and she hadn't seen it since I first bought it. Well, yesterday I was all excited to get her dressed up for church and while I was doing her hair I was getting her excited for her new dress. When I brought her into our room to put it on her and she saw it, she 100% freaked out. She was sobbing so hard I couldn't even understand what she was saying. When I finally could hear her, she was yelling, "I wanted a pink one!" She hated her dress so bad that as soon as I had her dressed she went to her room covered up with a blanket and wouldn't come out for about an hour. I never even got a picture of her because she was so mortified by the RED dress.
Also, Tyler and Bradlee have been spending some quality time in the "jam" room together singing. Apparently, when it is Bradlee's turn to take over the vocals, Tyler will point at her and say " Go Bradlee" and she will do the same when it is his turn to take over. Well at church yesterday, as I was singing the closing hymn, I all of a sudden hear Bradlee scream..."Go Mommy! Go Mommy!" Oh my goodness, it was hilarious and a little embarrassing all at the same time.

The McLachlan Race Track

To keep our kids from going absolutely insane, we made this path for them throughout the house. They had a pretty good time driving their cars and running on it.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Zoo Lights!!!

Last night we went with the whole McLachlan clan (sans Collin) to see the lights at the zoo. It was SO COLD!!! We bundled everyone up as best we could!

The lights were pretty cool and very different, I thought. If you would like to see an angry baby, feel free to enlarge this photo.

OK, just when we thought we weren't really going to get to see any animals...we came across the tigers!!! Oh my goodness it was amazing. The snow tiger cub (sorry no pictures) came right up to the glass to play with us. He would follow Cory's hand with his paw all over the glass, and he would jump to get it if it was too high. He would also snuggle right up to the glass and show us his belly.

These tigers were in fine form as well. These pictures below are not zoomed in at all; we really were that close to the tigers. Cory was blowing in his face and making him hiss/growl. I am not really sure what you would call that noise.

Soon the mommy came to make sure everything was to her satisfaction.

Eventually we let Brock out of his stroller to look at all the reptiles. What a little charmer. Wherever we go, he has the ladies eating out of the palm of his hand.

Sorry we didn't have any pictures of the rest of the McLachlans on our camera. You guys will have to send those pictures to me. All I can say is...seeing the tigers definitely made braving the cold worthwhile.

Festival of the Trees

We took the kids to see the Festival of the Trees. As long as Brock was being fed, we had a great time. Here are some pictures of a few of our favorite trees...

The kids really liked these froggies.

Bradlee of course loved this pink girly tree.

This one was my favorite. I thought it was so cute.

How do you like this gingerbread house?! More like gingerbread castle.

The Care Bear tree was also a hit. Seriously, why decorate a tree when you can just jam a bunch of animals in there?! These people had the right idea...

Last ...but certainly not least...

I have to say, I expected these trees to be amazingly beautiful, but I did not expect to get emotional. All the dedications to people who had died were very touching. My mom and I decided it is definitely something we would like to be involved in...a new family tradition perhaps!

'Tis the Season...

We are officially done decorating for Christmas. Bradlee helped Papa put the lights up outside. Meanwhile, Brock helped inside with the lights for the tree. By helped, I mean he tried to eat them.
The following Monday we made our advent calendars to start the countdown to Christmas Eve.

Bradlee kept stealing candy from hers to eat. Finally I just gave her a bowl full and let her have at it...

Brock had his fair share of candy as well.

They played around while Mom and Dad finished tying the bows and what not.

The finished product...

These advent calendars have always been a tradition in the Bricco family. I have made one every year since I can remember. I am trying to carry on the tradition, and from the looks of Molly's is she!

Tyler's Birthday!

Tyler's parents took us to Red Lobster for his birthday dinner. Lisa joined us as well, and we had a lot of fun! Of course, since his birthday was just on the heels of the Yankees winning the world series...he got some Yankee paraphernalia. Father and son...any resemblance?
Tyler and Lisa! I am not sure how Wendy escaped all the pictures...Tricky!

After dinner we came back to our house for cake and ice cream. Don't be jealous of my cake decorating skills! I know, it's just not right that one person should be good at so many things...

Happy birthday!

A Trip to the Aquarium

Several weeks ago, or maybe more like a month ago, my mom and I took the kids to the Aquarium. We originally brought the stroller in for Brock, thinking Bradlee would want to walk around the whole time. Well, Brock didn't want any part of the stroller. He wanted to be right up in the action the whole time. However, Bradlee was not a huge fan of the aquarium, and as soon as we let Brock out of the stroller she jumped in and locked herself in tight!

We eventually found Nemo, and she started singing a different tune. As it turns out, while small fish are apparently terrifying to her, she LOVED the sharks and petting the sting rays.

This turtle really liked Brock!

It started out rough, but in the end the end, I think the kids really had a lot of fun!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Happy Birthday To...

The ultimate Yankee fan... The sexiest man alive...

a talented musician...

an amazing father...

a worthy priesthood holder...

and my best friend.

Happy 28th birthday, Babe! I love you more everyday.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween 2009

This year Bradlee was a fairy/butterfly (if you ask her, she was a butterfly), and Brock was a monkey. It was really the first year that we took them trick or treating to houses. Usually we just do the trunk or treat at church. Anyways, it was a very successful day!

Who wouldn't wanna give this handsome fellow some candy?!

In case you were wondering if Bradlee was at all's a close up.

Papa helped me get them ready and took them out trick or treating around our neighborhood. They were a little shy about it at first, but it only took them about two houses to get all warmed up!

Later we went to Sears to surprise Daddy and pick him up from work. Then we went up to see Grandma and Grandpa McLachlan and the rest of the family. We them trick or treating to a few houses up there as well.

Inspecting their earnings.

Pumpkin Pickin'

On the Saturday before Halloween the kids and I went with Wendy, Lisa, Megan and Cory out to Black Island Farms to get our pumpkins and have some fun! First, we went on a hayride (sans hay) to the pumpkin patch.
As you can see, we only had a couple of pumpkins to choose from.

Then we went down the awesome slides. I love the Bradlee is brave enough to do it all by herself.

They had this little train type ride thing that Bradlee loved. It was perhaps one of the cutest things I have ever seen.

When we got back we painted our pumpkins. Bradlee loved doing this. She just talked and talked and talked. We had some good laughs.

Thanks, Wendy, for taking us all out there! I know the kids had a blast. Bradlee also jumped in a huge pumpkin moon bounce deal and went through a "kiddie korn maze".

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