Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Bradlee felt the spirit for the first time today...

My mom and I took the kids to Temple Square this evening to look around and enjoy all the pretty flowers. We took a tour of the Beehive house, ate a snack at the Lion House, looked inside the Tabernacle and the Assembly Hall. But the greatest thing happened in the North Visitors' Center. We, of course, went up to look at the Christus, and when we came back down we stopped to look at the model of Jerusalem during the time of Christ. As Bradlee came to a picture of Jesus on the Cross she stopped and got a little emotional. She told us that she loves Jesus and doesn't want him to die. It was a great opportunity for me to tell her the good new of the gospel. Jesus lives! I explained how Christ died for us, but he was resurrected, and he lives. Because our Savior died and was resurrected, we will live again, too!
It isn't everyday the perfect opportunity to share your testimony with your children presents itself. I know she will probably never remember this, but it meant a lot to me. Right on the heels of Tyler giving our kids their blessings to begin the school year, I feel particularly grateful for this gospel and what it means to our family! My children are precious. I wish I could give them everything good this world has to offer, but at least I can give them the most important thing!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Random Summer Pictures

We did a ton of swimming this summer, and when I say a ton, I mean pretty much everyday. The kids love it, especially Bradlee. She jumps in all over the place and has NO FEAR at all. Pretty awesome!
So...the kids were playing in our closet and came out in their "work outfits". Tyler and I laughed for about 20 minutes solid.

24th of July Floats

My mom and I took the kids to look at the Pioneer Day floats on display at the South Town Expo. They are always super impressive.

Bradlee was so excited to take her picture with this mermaid. Brock is clearly distracted by Dory in the background.
(I'm not sure what happened to Bradlee's hair this day, don't judge me.)

I thought these missionary penguins were super cute.

Of course, the kids absolutely loved this float. I gotta say, I was pretty impressed myself.

Zoo Time!!

Grandma and Grandpa McLachlan took us to the zoo this summer! Megan, Kennedy, Lisa and Natalie came, too! I think we all enjoyed ourselves quite a lot.
Baby elephant! Looks pretty freaking huge to me!
Brock thoroughly enjoyed the reading materials.

The Zoo has some awesome dinosaurs on display all over the park. They are incredibly life-like, and they absolutely terrified my kids! However, we did finally get Bradlee to pose on this one. Pretty good picture I'd say.

The Carousel...always a good time.
I did have pictures of the rest of the family members that were there, but I am unable to get them off my cell phone for some reason. I tried, I promise.

4th of July Parade

Turns out our kids fit in the chair bags. Nothing like being swung around in a bag.

The whole family, except myself, as I am currently too large to fit in a photo.
Somebody's happy!!! P.S. I gave him that shirt for Father's Day.
Pretty girls!

I love this picture of my dad plugging Brock's ears for him. The sirens from the fire trucks were a little too loud for his taste.

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