Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I'm back!

Well, we've lived in Utah for a little over a month now, and I haven't blogged once! I just finished up five posts, and I believe that makes me all caught up. If you plan to read any of these, I would start from the bottom up!
Anyways, all is well for the McLachlan family. Tyler is working full-time at Sears for the time being and getting everything situated to go back to school. The kids and I have been super busy too. We've been on trips and family has visited. We have been to Gardener Village, Temple Square, The Clarke Planetarium, The Gateway, The District and a couple movies! We are all situated now, and we are happy!

Gardner Village

Before the weather turns crappy my mom and I decided to take the kids on a walk down the Jordan River Parkway to Gardner Village. The whole place is all decorated for Halloween with lots of witches. We just planned on eating lunch there and walking around, but then we discovered the PONY RIDES! Bradlee said she wanted to ride, and I was worried that she might get scared, but she loved it! Her only concern was that she didn't get to ride the big horse! When her ride was over she patted the horse and said, "Thanks pony!" It was so cute!

Another successful outing!

Halloween Cupcakes!

It wouldn't be October without some Halloween cupcakes. My mom made the cupcakes, and I helped frost them, but Bradlee decorated them all by herself! I normally don't enjoy baking or anything of the sort, but this was way fun.

Brock joined us when he woke up from his nap.

Homeboy loves frosting!

Now those are some gorgeous cupcakes. They were delicious too!


Over UEA weekend, the whole McLachlan clan went camping down in Moab, UT. This post will mostly just be a slideshow. Tons of pictures...

Here you can see Tyler being super cool as usual. He will be so glad I put this picture on here.
Wendy and Collin. He's single ladies!

Love these guys!

Me driving on Baby Lion's Back on our first night.
Around the campfire...

I don't care who you are...these next two pictures are sexy!

Hell's Revenge

Wendy and Megan

I don't know if you can tell in this picture, but Tyler has that back tire lifted WAY off the ground.

Tyler and I celebrated our 5th anniversary while we were down there. I guess the McLachlans felt a little guilty for making me go camping on my anniversary since I love it so much, so they all chipped in to get us a hotel room for a night. I was so excited to SHOWER! Oh my gosh, I suck at camping SO BAD!!! Tyler's family kept the kids for us that night, and we got to go out to dinner all by ourselves! Soooo nice! You guys rock! Thanks again.

Since we were out on trails most of the time we were there, our kids did a lot of this...
and this...

We decided to let them out of the car at this huge sand hill.

Don't be fooled the big kids played in the sand too!

I think everyone had a lot of fun, so I guess that makes the trip a success!

Molly and Craig

We pulled in to Salt Lake for good on September 11th. About a week after that, Molly and Craig's family came to visit. I didn't take any pictures, so I had to steal these from other blogs. We had a blast and kept ourselves super busy.

We played at the park and took walks, rode rides at Hollywood connection and played video games.

My kids loved seeing their cousins!
Also, one night the girls went out to see the Scarlett Pimpernel at the Hale Theater, and then we went out to dinner afterwards at Olive Garden. I was SOOO fun to be out with them.


Well, where do I even start? I will try to keep this short.

Tyler lost his job on August 18th. We put our house on the market a week later, and a week after that it was sold. We had spent a lot of time praying and fasting that whatever was best for our family would happen! I should've known better! We weren't exactly prepared for this type of thing. The ideal situation would've involved Tyler having a better job lined up already, but I know that Heavenly Father knows what's best for us, and we are just trying to stay faithful. That's the best we can do, right?
Although things in Cheyenne didn't end up like we had hoped, we gained things far better than money. Moving away and being our own family was the best thing that has happened to us so far. Temporally, I guess you could say we struggled, but we thrived in every other way possible. Tyler and I grew closer and became better friends in those two years than I would've thought possible. We figured out how we want our family to operate, and that first and foremost, we are a family and we do what's best for us and our kids independent of anyone or anything else.
There are two things we left in Cheyenne that will surely be missed. First, our house...

We will also miss our ward. These awesome guys came to help us move. We also had sisters organize and help watch our kids on moving day, so they wouldn't get ignored or run over! What a blessing. I don't know what we would have done without the help.
We will also miss all the friends we made at church and at work (you know who you are)! Bradlee misses her friends, too. We also left friends and family in Denver. It used to be just a short drive to see them, and now it will definitely be a lot harder to get together...I guess I'll just try not to think about it. I know being in Salt Lake is what's best for us. I can already see a huge difference in my kids being with Mom and family all day! They are remarkably happier and developing at a much quicker pace. Some days I feel like I am getting to know them all over again!

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