Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Good News...Finally!

Ever since we moved here in September Tyler has been staying busy working at Sears. It didn't really take us long to realize that was not really going to meet our needs. Just this last week TYLER GOT A NEW JOB! As of this Monday he is the new resort manager of The Kimball Condominiums in downtown Salt Lake. I think this job will challenge him, but I also think he will love it! We will get to travel often as a couple, it will allow him to continue in sales and keep him busy ALL the time! We are so thankful for this job! We know it was a blessing from our Heavenly Father! It was a very long shot for him to get this job, and we are very grateful! He is also planning to start school again very soon. To celebrate his last day at Sears he cut his finger open with a blade and had to get four stitches. Gotta go out with a bang, I suppose.
I have really not been up to very much. Everyone in this house has been sick for months it seems like. Other than that, I have kept busy with Young Womens and training for a half marathon. We are excited for the future and hope things continue to look up!

B. Rockin'

Brock is growing up so fast! He is talking more all the time! He calls all food cereal. That's all Bradlee all asks for, and so Brock thinks that is what all food is called. It is amazing how much of his vocabulary comes from her. My dad also taught him to yell, "Where's the remote!". Now, if he wants to watch something on TV he just yells that real loud. Frankly, it cracks me up. He climbs all over counters and gets his own food. I have to watch him all the time. He always bows his head for prayers and says amen. The other day, he thought my dad was going to leave to go somewhere, so he found his coat, handed it to him and asked "with you?". It was tender to say the least.

The Great Salt Lake

One morning my mom had the great idea to take the kids to the lake. We all know it's there, but no one ever really goes there, especially not in the winter! Oh wait...we did, and it was totally worth it! My mom taught the kids to throw rocks in the water and that's all the wanted to do!

We couldn't stay for long because their little hands were so freezing from getting rocks, but they acted like they might die when it was time to go. There was a lot of screaming as we dragged them back to the car.

Kangaroo Zoo!

Grandma Wendy took me, the kids, Megan and Cory to Kangaroo Zoo for a fun Saturday activity. It is safe to say that the adults had just as much fun as the kids! These pictures are too cute not to share, but they are of poor quality due to excessive movement!

I was impressed with how fun this place was. We will definitely return! Thanks to Cory and Megan for helping out so much with the kids on the toys and to Wendy for taking us. We went to out to eat afterwards, and Collin and Bryan joined us.

Jesus Wants Bradlee for a Sunbeam!

Bradlee has officially started Primary! We tried to get her all excited for the big day, but let's face it...SHE HATES PRIMARY! Tyler and I have to sit with her every week because she is too active for the teachers, but frankly I can't blame her! The senior and junior primaries are combined and most of the stuff is geared for the older kids. I am sure we will all have a good laugh at this one day, but I never thought I would have the challenging child! We are working on her sitting still skills, and are having friends over from her class to play. Hopefully this will help her want to go and pay attention!
Bradlee is talking a lot more now. She still runs her sentences together and skips some words, but still she has improved SOO much. She knows all of her ABC's and counts to 12 and sometimes higher. She is constantly talking about the temple. For example, she saw a white hat at Target, and she kept telling me she wanted the "Temple Hat".


So, yes, we did in fact celebrate Christmas! We celebrated the day before Christmas Eve with the McLachlans, but we only have that on video, and I don't know how to get video off our camcorder onto our computer. I only know how to download video from our camera. Don't judge me. Anyways, pictures or not, the kids SCORED at the McLachlans. We don't want Grandma, Grandpa and all the aunts and uncles to think we are ungrateful just because their are no pictures. Everyone was spoiled rotten and we had a lot of fun.
This Christmas was extra special to me because it was the first time I can remember being with all of my siblings at the same time in probably four years! Rowdy and Diane came first and it was awesome to spend time with their family. Rowdy and Diane took me snowboarding at Brighton the day before Christmas Eve. It was my first time boarding at a real resort with lifts and what not. Unfortunately, I sucked, but I had a blast. Thanks again guys! I can't wait to go again.
Molly, Jamie and their families rolled into town late Christmas Eve. We stayed up WAY too late and got up WAY too early on Christmas morning.
Santa came, and all the kids were super pumped except for ours. As you can see below...they are clearly not morning people.

All the kids had matching pajamas. Here are the girls...

The babies...
The boys...

The Saturday after Christmas we all went to see the lights at Thanksgiving Point.
Below are the Rowdy Briccos looking all put together and charming.

The Jamie Briccos...

(I also had a picture of the Phairs, but I don't know what happened to it.)

Lezzy and C-Pops...

Mom and Dad rented a trolley just for our family to take us around to see all the lights. It was nice to be out of the cold and not have to worry about the kids acting up. It was super duper nice.
Who's that handsome guy at the front of the trolley? Apparently, his beautiful wife chose not to turn around for the camera!

Teenagers! 'Nough said...However, I love being around these guys. They make me laugh so hard! Clearly, their personalities have not adequately been captured in this photo. What up guys?! Can't throw up a smile for Aunt Tory?

Chase and Krew.

James, Ames and Jetrin.

Bradlee, such a happy and cooperative child. You can't tell from this picture, but she LOVES her oldest cousin. Who doesn't though? She's beautiful, WAY smart and funny! Everyone loves her!

Happy much, Craig?
Yeah, I don't really know about this one...

Dude, I don't even know this guy, I swear! Who let him on the trolley, seriously?!

Jaiden and Kole. Best Buddies! Reunited, and it feels so good.

Brock (a.k.a. future heart breaker and Mommy's Boy)...

By Sunday both brothers had gone home, but Molly and Craig stayed a few days longer. Here are the girls before church.

Sexy, I know! Look at it...savor it!

We took a couple group pictures since we hardly ever have everyone in the same place. Here are the original six!

The kids. Yeah, I know, my face is fat and my hair is awesome. Thanks for noticing.

The siblings and our awesome spouses!

Saved the best for last. This is easily my favorite picture. As you can see, Bradlee is once again super excited about another photo opportunity! However, this pictures will be outdated in August....Thanks to Jamie and Amy!

We had an awesome awesome Christmas. I miss everyone!

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